Unique Solutions for your Unique Staffing Needs

Every business has different needs and goals to achieve. Therefore there is no silver bullet, no solution fits needs of everyone. We have prepared our offer so that it could be tailored to fit most common needs, as thereis a certain group of services that is requested most often.

We are aware of the fact, that you might want to customize the service that you would receive from us. This is also possible, just let us know what you need and we will be happy to prepare a custom solution just for you.

Post Your Job Ads to Many Sources In A Hassle Free Way

the solution is

Recruitment Advertising

We will post job ads on your behalf, online and in printed media, at great prices!

Jobs Posting In Poland

The only service that posts jobs in Polish online and printed media.

Jobs Posting In Europe

Effortless way to post jobs to multiple european online and printed media.

Create a Strong Pipeline of Candidates for Your Current Recruitment

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Candidates Sourcing

We specialize in sourcing candidates using modern, non-standard approach to finding suitable active and passive candidates, online and out in the wild, with optional pre-screening.

Cloud Solutions

An Online Network of remote Independent Recruitment Professionals. A dedicated team of staffing professionals at your disposal.

Outsource Staffing So That You Could Focus On Your Core Business

the solution is

End-to-End Recruitment

A complete service, taking all of the recruitment burden out of your shoulders.

Fully Managed

We will manage the process on your behalf. Starting from putting together the job description and ending with a hire, we will minimize the need of your direct involvement in the procees, leaving more time for you to focus on what matters most to your business.

When you need candidate skills verified by an expert in the field

IT Specialists Recruitment


We really understand your job requirements, because we have been running and recruting for a software house ourselves for 16 years now. Our IT specialists, working together with a team of professional recruiters, will help to find and screen candidates for your IT related recruitment needs.


Managers Recruitment


We know exactly what makes an exceptional Manager and have access to vast resources of such individuals, experienced in PMI, PRINCE2, Scrum, ITIL, Six Sigma etc. We have been successfully recruiting Managers and Executives for a few years for positions among different industries in the EMEA region.


Freelancers Recruitment


When you need an expert only for a specific project, a permanent employment is usually not an option and you need someone for a fixed period of time. We recruit both for permanent and temporary positions, with great experience in sourcing candidates from the freelance market.




When it comes to miners, our country has so much to offer. Poland is one of the world's largest mining job markets, with hundreds of thousands experience workers from the mining industry. We specialize in Coal Mining Specialists of all levels, available to work anywhere in the world.