Targeted Recruitment

When you need to reach industry specialists and have their skills verified by an expert in the field.

IT Specialists Recruitment


We really understand IT job specifics, because we have been running a software house ourselves for 16 years now.

Our IT specialists, working together with a team of professional recruiters, will help to find and screen candidates for your IT related recruitment needs.

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Managers Recruitment


We know exactly what makes an exceptional Manager and have access to vast resources of such individuals, experienced in PMI, PRINCE2, Scrum, ITIL, Six Sigma etc. We have been successfully recruiting Managers and Executives for a few years for positions among different industries in the EMEA region.

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Freelancers Recruitment


When you need an expert only for a specific project, a permanent employment is usually not an option and you need someone for a fixed period of time.

We recruit both for permanent and temporary positions, with great experience in sourcing candidates from the freelance market.

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Mining Industry Recruitment


We have a huge experience in recruting for a mining industry. From basic sourcing tasks, through recruitment advertising including outdoor campaigns, to organizing and hosting job fairs for mining industry experts.
We can guarantee access to a rich candidates pool for the mining industry.


HR and Staffing Specialists Recruitment


This one is pretty obvious. We rock in recruitment and staffing and have a wide network of contacts in this industry. If you need a recruiter of your own, we can outsource one for you or recruit one to hire.
We will assess candidates capabilities by testing their knowledge against our internal very high standards.

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Sales and Purchasing Recruitment


If you need a powerfull sales and marketing mix, you need a vision someone that will implement this vision and make it a reality. We can find you someone just like that.
Or maybe you are looking for people from purchasing and supply chain market? Together with our partners, we have tools to deliver such individuals.

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Government Certified

We are a Polish Government licensed recruitment agency, certificates 2108/1a, 2108/1b, 2108/2, 2108/3. It gives you a guarantee, that we offer a very professional service indeed, before you even try it.

Included In the Service

Candidate Profile Creation

We will work with you to define the job description, requirements, your offer and other important detais, which are required to succesfully recruit for this project. This step varies in complexity, depending on the job level, employment type and industry.

This will be the first and the last time that you will need to be actively involved in the process. All subsequent steps do not require your attention, unless you want to keep an eye on developments on every stage of the project.

Job Advertising

We will create great, eyes catching and tempting ad for your job openings and advertise them online, in the printed media, outdoors and in all places suitable for the offer.

Candidates Sourcing

We will source candidates using modern, non-standard approach to finding suitable active and passive candidates, such as cloud sourcing, database search, social recruitment, online intelligence, and direct approach.

Candidates Pre-Screening

We will screen candidates for their suitability for the position, availability and expectations, ruling out these who are not applicable and giving a special treatment to exceptional candidates.

Making First Interviews

We will make a first interview with the candidate, collecting more detailed information about their experience, as well as availability and expectations.

This step can also include language checks and optional tests. We will also assess candidate's soft skills, such as personality, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and overall approach to work. Soft skills are assessed by a person with a degree in Psychology.

Shortlisting for Your Interviews

You will receive a short list of only the best candidate profiles, with detailed information, as well as our findings and recommendations. Based on that information, you will be able to do interviews only with the most exceptional candidates.

Assistance in Making an Offer and Contract Negotiations

When you are ready to make an offer, we can also assist or do this on your behalf, negotiating contract details.