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Cloud Recruitment Services

Prepare for the experience, that will forever change the way you work.

Thanks to the partnership with Skilled Software, we are finalizing development of an innovative crowdsourcing recruitment platform.

An Online Network of Independent Recruitment Professionals

A dedicated team of staffing professionals at your disposal. Benefit from different experience, access to unique candidates pools and get CVs within hours of posting your job description and conditions.

Clowdsource Your Recruitment Experience

Affordable packages and easy rules. Intuitive user interface and your time spent on sourcing candidates reduced to the absolute minimum. As far as our beta testers say, this is recruiter's heaven!

Cloud Recruitment Will Launch Soon!

How it works?

We operate a network of thousands of independent recruitment professionals, spread all over the globe. Your recruitment will not stop after business hours. Prepare for a constant flow of candidates, storming your inbox night and day, 7 days a week.

What Our Beta Testers Say

This is the best concept from the time, when online job boards were invented.
I have got to say... it really works!
Just brilliant...
I am really looking forward to the moment, when this little thing is released. It has saved me literally weeks of hard work already!