We are Jobber PRS

Central European innovative recruitment company with headquarters in Poland


We are a professional and highly innovative recruitment agency, licensed by Polish Government to offer recruitment services in Poland, European Union and Worldwide.

We are aware of the fact, that it is very hard to find quality candidates nowadays. Given the strict budget requirements enforced by most projects, the need for a cost effective recruitment service has never been so important.

With the opening of the EU jobs market, Poland and other new EU-members countries are a source of professional, dedicated and very experienced specialists, that are relatively cheap to hire comparing to the European rates, allowing you to save a significant amount of money. But we do not stop there. In fact, 65% of all our placements has been with exceptional candidates from outside of Poland

At the end, what matters most are results

This is a tailor-made service, with only one goal in mind - to deliver the most extraordinary candidates for your staffing needs - your future key employees. And we are 100% commited to that goal, striving not only to meet, but to exceed your expectations.

We do not fear to use modern and unconventional means of attracting best candidates. This makes us very effective in what we do.

We are not "just another recruitment agency"

First of all, we represent an unique mix of IT and HR expertise. We have emerged from an IT software house company, that had own customers looking to recruit IT professionals. We did that for them and we did it with a tremendous succes. We knew IT stuff very well and utilizing that knowledge, we could reach out to right candidates very quickly.

The word started to spread out and the demand for our tailored IT recruitment services began to grow very fast. This was something that we could not manage at that time using own resources, therefore we have decided to create a separate company that dealt with IT recruitment only.
After a few years, we have expanded our offer to what you can see right now, using the same unique model that we have applied to IT recruitment.

Trusted by Many

Our references We have been working with many international small and medium enterprises, and also big corporations like JP Morgan, France Telecom, COMSYS VMS. We always strive to meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

Government Certified

We are a Polish Government licensed recruitment agency, certificates 2108/1a, 2108/1b, 2108/2, 2108/3. It gives you a guarantee, that we offer a very professional service indeed, before you even try it.