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Recruitment Advertising

We will post job ads on your behalf at great prices!

In Poland

Jobs advertising in polish online and printed media.


In Europe

Jobs advertising in european online media.


Candidates Sourcing

We specialize in sourcing candidates using modern, non-standard approach to finding suitable active and passive candidates, online and out in the wild, with optional pre-screening.

Try us for FREE

No fees are due unless a candidate commences employment with you.


End-to-End Recruitment

We also offer a complete service, taking all of the recruitment burden out of your shoulders.

What a relief...

We have experience and do not fear to use modern and unconventional means of attracting best candidates. This makes us very effective in what we do.


Cloud Recruitment Services

Thanks to the partnership with Skilled Software, we are finalizing development of an innovative crowdsourcing recruitment product.

An Online Network of Independent Recruitment Professionals

A dedicated team of staffing professionals at your disposal. Benefit from different experience, access to unique candidates pools and get CVs within hours of posting your job description and conditions.

Limited. Reserve Your Spot Now...